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Work Permit

This application should be completed by the student, the student's legal guardian and the student's prospective employer. The completed application should be submitted to the school in which the student is enrolled. If the student is enrolled in an alternative education setting (home schooled, GED) this application should be returned to the school district in which the student resides.

  1.  Complete all sections of the Application for Minor Work Permit form and Physician's Certificate.
    • Student must complete the Student/Applicant Information section. Parent or Guardian must sign and date the Student/Applicant Information section.
    • Employer must complete and sign the Pledge of Employer section.
    • Student must complete the Applicant Information section of the Physician’s Certificate for Minor Work Permit. Student’s Physician must sign the Physician's Approval section.
  2. Student takes the completed Application for Minor Work Permit to the Mount Gilead Middle School or Mount Gilead High School office; during normal school hours.
  3. Student signs the official Work Permit and delivers it to the employer. Student must be present to sign and receive work permit.


For Information or Questions on Ohio Minor Labor Laws Please Contact:

State of Ohio Minor Labor Laws
Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Labor & Worker Safety
(614) 644-2239